A Korea-Singapore Collaboration Album




ZANDAN ZADAN in Korean teens slang means Salty and Sweet. SOOS OIO LLP, through the platform of, is pleased to announce this collaboration album project with Leeway Music & Media, Korea’s no.1 media music production company and one of the best independent record labels in Korea. We are targeting TEN (10) songs in the album, featuring songs from FIVE (5) Indie Singer-Songwriters from Korea and FIVE (5) Indie Singer-Songwriters from Singapore.

Besides giving indie artists of both Singapore and Korea a chance for music exposure beyond their home countries, Leeway will also be proactively looking for opportunities to sync these songs in Korean TV Commercials and TV dramas. This is a great opportunity for Singapore indie Singer-songwriters to have their music played in Korea and also be paid if their songs are synced in TVC and/or TV dramas.

Here are the details of the album:

  • SONGS: Only original English songs. No cover songs will be considered. Original songs released previously, excluding those released under major publishers, can be accepted. The copyrights of the song’s melody & lyrics remain with the respective songwriters for this album project. Please DO NOT attempt to write Korean lyrics as they will not be accepted. Submission of multiple original songs is allowed. Only one song per artiste will be featured in the album.
  • PRODUCTION BUDGET: The FIVE (5) selected songs will be given a budget of USD 1,000 each from Leeway for the re-arrangement and mixing of the selected songs to the song style that is suitable for the Korean market. A list of sample songs and timeline will be provided to singer-songwriter after the song is selected.
  • Targeted album release date: March 2017. Deadline for Song Submission: 31 Oct 2016 (Mon), 12pm.


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