The Magic Behind the Music

The Magic Behind the Music

The Magic Behind the Music series is specially put together for aspiring songwriters. With a panel of established and experienced speakers, we bring to you three different sessions, focusing on three different areas that will be of interest to songwriters. This is a rare opportunity to get behind the music with these unsung heroes as they come forward to share their knowledge, skills and insights.




Role of a Music Producer and Arranger with Sessionists

Date: 23 July 2016 (Sat)
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: Yellow Box Studios (1 Ubi View, Focus One #01-19, S408555)
Ticket Price: $80 (Student); $120 (Standard) – Simple Packed Lunch included
(Booking Fees not included)

Set in a professional recording studio, Martin Tang, together with his team of music secessionists and sound engineer, will walk you through the process of technical set up, production, arrangement, recording, mixing and sound reinforcement. Condensing a long process into a one-day session demonstration, we hope to help songwriters to better understand the professional music production; from the time a good song is selected to its launch in the market. For those who are planning to do your own EP or album, or think this is something you will explore some time down the road, this session will give you a good overview helping you to plan, manage and execute your music production, and also to know what are some of the general options and alternatives you can have.

This is an intimate session limited by the space in the recording studio so grab your tickets fast as this opportunity hardly comes by!




Understanding the Music Industry

Date: 30 July 2016 (Sat)
Time: 9.00am – 11.00am
Venue: *SCAPE Hubquarters (2 Orchard Link, Level 4, S237978)
Ticket Price: $15 (Student); $25 (Standard)
(Booking Fees not included)

We have gathered a panel of speakers who are established in both K-Pop and Chinese Pop, two of the largest music industries in Asia. We have Mr Martin Tang (Singapore) in the Chinese Pop, Ms Tina Wang (Taiwan) who crosses both Chinese Pop and K-Pop, Mr Kim Se Jin (Korea) who is highly established in the K-pop and Mr Jake Lee (Korea) who does film music production and much more. The aim is to give you some insights and understanding to the music industry for songwriters. Topics touched on will be specific and of interest to songwriters, like the supply and demand of songs and the industry’s criteria in the selection of songs. There will be Q&A time and come prepared with your questions!




Publishing and Copyrights

Date: 30 July 2016 (Sat)
Time: 11.30am – 1.30pm
Venue: *SCAPE Hubquarters (2 Orchard Link, Level 4, S237978)
Ticket Price: $15 (Student); $25 (Standard)
(Booking Fees not included)

Publishing and copyrights are the bread and butter for songwriters and thus a very important topic to cover in the last session of the series. Publishing and copyrights, although a complicated legal and administrative process, it is pertinent for songwriters to know how to protect your own creative originals and how the business behind the scene supports songwriters. Find out more about the mechanics of having music placed in commercials and dramas, or even sung by top artists, which is all part of publishing.

There will be Q&A time and come prepared with your questions!



Marting Tang

Mr Martin Tang (Singapore)

Martin has worked with almost every major recording label in the region since 1991, producing/arranging or as a songwriter for many prominent artistes. Among them are Jackie Chung, SHE, F4, Leon Lai, Mayday, Olivia Ong, Stephanie Sun and Kelly Chen. He has also worked with A*Mei as producer, arranger and also music director on most of her major concerts. In 2010, Martin also worked on the soundtrack of “Mulan”.

Martin is the trice winner of the coveted “Golden Melody Award (金曲奖)”, the Chinese music industry’s highest accolade and the equivalent of a “Grammy”.

This was in recognition of his work on albums by Stephanie Sun, Joanna Wang and A*Mei. Some other awards he has won are MTV (Greater China) award for best arranger, Tokyo Music Festival Merit Award for songwriting and Philippines Song Festival award for best foreign production/arrangement

Some works by Martin Tang:

Wrote, Produced and Arranged 因為你愛我 by 王若琳 Joanna Wang

Wrote, Produced and Arranged 也許明天 Tomorrow’ Maybe by A-Mei 張惠妹

Arranged 暴風雪 Snowstorm by 李佳薇 Jess Lee

Arranged 我要的幸福 (My Desired Happiness) by Stefanie Sun

Wrote, Produced and Arranged 狠角色 by 张惠妹


Mr Jake Lee (Korea)

Founder of LEEWAY Music & Media, publishing, licensing and distribution company that specializes in launching artists from around the world to Asia territory through synchronization in TV commercial, TV shows and Films. With a Ph.D in Intellectual Property at Dongguk University, Jake was a guest researcher at the Hollywood Approach Conference in L.A. and at The Future Publishing Business in Asia Conference in Tokyo. Jake works with many international and Korean independent artists in their album releases, publishing and placements of their music in TV ads, film and dramas.

Jake is a member in the Board of Directors of Korea Music Publisher Association.

Some music that Jake produced and placed:
“Goodbye My Friend” by Sumi Jo from the film “The Himalaya”

“What’s Wrong With Me” by San E from the drama “You’re All Surrounded”

“Elegy” by Globus “SAMSUNG SUHD TV commercial”

“Happily Ever After” by David Choi “OPPO mobile phone TV commercial”


Ms Tina Wang 王雅君 (Taiwan)

A published songwriter and a lyricist, Tina Wang has become a prominent figure in the Taiwanese music industry over the last 18 years, having worked with renowned artists like Angela Zhang, JJ Lin, Fan Wei Qi, Elva Hsiao, Sam Lee Sheng Jie. Aside from working with artists native to her country, she is also very active in the Korean music industry, writing Mandarin lyrics for major artists like EXO-M, SUPERJUNIOR and RAIN.

Tina has written both melodies and lyrics of soundtracks for TV commercials, dramas and movies such as ‘Why Why Love’ (2007) starring Rainie Yang and Mike He, ’20 once again’ (2015), in which she collaborated with CJ E&M Korea, and most recently, ‘One Night Only’ (2016) starring Aaron Kwok and Yang Zishan.

A prolific artist, her own discography boasts over 200 published songs written over the last 12 years. Her songs have been on top 10 Hong Kong Billboard Chart Awards, the Annual Beijing Pop Music Awards, China’s MusicRadio Top Requested Song Award and many others. Some of her winning works are《寓言》, 《隱形的翅膀》, 《尋寶》, 《是非題》 , 《小酒窩》
and 《聽你說》 .

Tina is a signed songwriter to C.T.C Entertainment (Taiwan), and she resides in Beijing, China.

Some of Tina’s works:

Lyrics of 郁可唯 Yisa Yu&林凡 Freya Lim【聽你說】and won 2012 Music Radio best lyrics award

Melody and lyrics of 是非題 by 范瑋琪 Christine Fan

Mandarin lyrics of LIGHTSABER (光剑) by EXO, a STAR WARS Collaboration Project


Mr Kim Se Jin (Korea)

Se Jin Kim is one of the top K-POP composers & producers in the Korean music industry. He has been writing and producing for a number of top class K-POP artists for last two decade, such as Lyn, Lee Seung Chul, Koyote,Whisung, Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Jong Gook, SS501, Baek Ji Young, Brown Eyed Girls,COOL, FT Island, IU, The One, Fly to the Sky, SG Wannabe, Kim Na Young, etc. In addition, he has also produced many K-DRAMA’s theme songs which has made big hit in Asia, for example, “Descendants of the Sun”, “My Love from Another Star”, “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, “Secret”, “She was Pretty”, “Master’s Sun” to name a few.
Recently, Se Jin Kim was elected a member of board of directors of Korea Music Copyright Association, which is the biggest Korean music copyright society in Korea, bringing his music excellence to the Korean music industry.

Some of Se Jin’s works, which he wrote and produced:
“Goodbye” by Hyolyn (SISTAR) from the drama “My Love From Another Star”

“Like A Star” by K.Will from the drama “My Love From Another Star”

“By My Side” by SG Wannabe from the drama “Descendants of The Sun”

“Snow Flower” by Gummy from the drama “That Winter, The Wind Blows”

Dr. Edmund LAM

Dr Edmund Lam (Singapore)

Dr Edmund Lam, Chief Executive& Director of COMPASS (Composers and Authors Society of Singapore Ltd) has a first-class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering obtained in 1985. Through part-time continuing education, he obtained his Master of Business Administration with distinction, a rare commendation from the University of Hull (UK) in 1999, specializing in Strategic Management. He furthered his education and in 2006 was conferred the degree of Doctor of Business Administration. The theme of his research thesis was leadership development in small and medium enterprises.

He was also the Regional Chairman of CISAC for the Asia-Pacific region from 1999 to 2010.  CISAC is the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers founded in 1926 with its HQ office in Paris, representing more than 200 member societies from 103 different countries.

He was first elected to serve as Deputy Chairman of CISAC for the Asia Pacific region in 1997 before being elected to the Chair. During his leadership tenure, authors’ rights and collective management became more entrenched in Asia and many of the emerging Asian societies enjoyed continuing growth in revenue and significant improvements in their documentation and distribution processes.

He is also the Chairman and a founding member of MIS@Asia, a state-of-the-art B2B Internet portal for the management of music copyrights. MIS@Asia is currently an alliance of seven Asian societies many of which are small and new societies. Through the efforts of the alliance, all 7 member societies are able to independently carry out their own documentation and distribution processes in accordance to global formats and standards.